Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know that I’m getting the right quality product for my solution?

a. CCG LED has taken the time to explore the entire LED market and has a rigorous selection process that ensures the quality and light output for our recommended products.

2. When can I expect to realize energy savings?

a. You will see an immediate savings upon installation.

3. What can I do if I cannot afford the cost?

a. We have a variety of financing options already in place to help you meet your capital expenditure needs. There are financing options, leasing agreements and savings plans available through CCG to assist you.

4. What rebates are offered?

a. CCG LED provides full service rebate administration. At the time of your purchase, there may be substantial rewards (in the form of rebates) that are available to reduce the cost of your investment. Our company works wtih local utilities, government programs, grant sources and other federal resources to maximize this value.

5. How much of a lighting expert do I need to be to make the right decisions for our company?

a. CCG LED minimizes your risk and takes all of the guesswork out of your conversion plan. We are experts at conversion in the markets we serve and can help you make the best investment possible.

6. How will I determine what my savings are going to be?

a. We will provide you with an energy audit that explains our recommendations, your solution, the costs associated with your conversion and the energy savings you can expect.  We will also provide you with a payback timeframe and internal rate of return based on the information you supply us with so they reflect your company’s parameters.

7. What if I have a problem with my products?

a. CCG LED stands behind our recommendations. We provide warranties that are the best in the industry and if we do the installation, we will also back our products and our work with a labor warranty.

8. How do I dispose of my old bulbs?

a. CCG LED will dispose the outdated product either by donating them to a reputable charity or by recycling. All CFL or fluorescent tubes are considered hazardous product waste and will be disposed of properly.

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