In these belt-tightening times, we can provide you with the lighting solution that best meets your needs for reducing costs and overhead.  Our solutions create approximately 75% reductions in energy cost, provide the right products for the environment and help you manage facility operations better.

CCG LED Solutions deliver the right lighting at the right cost for energy and operational savings

• Color options help reduce eye strain and make facilities more productive
• Exceptional light quality helps staff see better
• Lights are instant-on and have the ability to dim
• Their long life is perfect for hard-to-reach areas like parking lot lights, signs and atrium light fixtures

CCG LED Solutions provide a higher ROI than other opportunities by immediately reducing costs

• Up to 50,000 hours of active life—up to 25x longer than traditional bulbs—cuts maintenance and replacement costs
• 50-90% lower energy consumption—LED bulbs can pay for themselves in as little as 9 months
• Requires no ballasts—for lower product and maintenance costs
• Emits no radiant heat, which reduces the impact of lighting on your HVAC system

We understand the complicated processes that your industry experiences and can help contribute significant cost control to your operations.  Our professionals can help with all aspects of the conversion to LED and remove the risk associated with making the change to be more green and use sustainable products.

LEDs make it easy to go green
• No mercury
• No toxic chemicals
• Recyclable
• No UV rays

We offer a variety of services to help you convert to LED.  Please contact one of our experienced, government sector consultants for all your lighting and conversion needs.

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