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Realizing Sales

Blog, May 12th, 2013

In this economy sales are as elusive as “Big Foot”. Whenever I have a problem, I try to look at it another way.  What is another way to look at sales? Consider viewing sales as savings.  How you might ask? Well, when a company expends $100 to yield a 30% return, or $30, the company technically spent $70 to receive $30.  Keeping that concept in mind, how might this company expend less money and receive more back?  In the case of many cost cutting ideas for a business this strategy should be the barometer because it can actually be a sales booster.  A savings of $30 is equal to $30 profit or $100 in sales.

At CCGLED, we continually see our lighting projects for retrofit or new construction surpassing the expectations of a cost saving strategy.  We are able to give our clients anywhere from 200% to 1000% return on their investment, meaning invest $100 dollars and receive $200 to $1000 back over life of the LED light bulb. So much for spending $70 to receive $30. Furthermore, our program cuts 90% off the maintenance budget immediately due to the 50,000 hour life of our products. No more changing bulbs! With project returns (ROI) from ½ to three years, a product and labor warranty for five years and a product life of 11 ½ years at 12 hour use per day, all backed by CCG service; it is an easy decision. The original investment will be returned 1 ½ – 10 times within the warranty period alone with six more years of life. Call now and we can help you “realize your sales.”

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